Secret Santa Sewing #2

So now it’s on to my son’s quilt.  He’s a big fan of the Denver Broncos, an NFL team.  I found some great licensed fabric at JoAnn and I spend some time trying to figure out what to do with it.  Luckily, that week at the Syracuse Quilt Guild, we had Emily from Pattern Jam come and introduce us to her amazing website where you can design your own quilts, have them printed on a panel of fabric 54″ wide, and then just quilt them!  So I spent an evening designing the center panel of this quilt, had it printed and mailed to me, then just added borders and loaded it on the machine.  And my son LOVES this quilt!  I did this with custom free-motion and ruler work quilting in the body of the quilt, and I did a football meander on the border.  img_3837

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